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Best Portuguese Rest. in town

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Established in 1996, the "Portuguese" quickly became a landmark eatery in Amsterdam. Offering a rich and varied menu of traditional dishes from Portugal in the restaurant and a wide range of tapas in the cafe section at nr. 28.

Experience the love voor the Portuguese kitchen
and discover the strength and charm of simplicity.

An Amsterdammer want to be spoiled
He wants to get to know all foreign kitchens
The italian, french, spanish he already knows
But it’s different with Portugal
The Portuguese are not trying for long
To export there cooking to Amsterdam
That’s why Amsterdam feels rich
With "De Portugees" at the Zeedijk.

To apreciate the Portuguese food
You don’s have to learn Portuguese
Just sit down and order
And tell everyone about your experience
It doesn’t matter if it’s vegetables, fish or meat
You enjoy a surprisingly good meal at De Portugees!