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Red wine

Firm wine, fruity with well matured taste.
Dão Reserva Doc
This wine gets its character from the granite and slate bottom.
Romeira Palmela
Palmela has een recognizable bouquet. Soft with a velvet  aftertaste.
Borba V.Q.P.R.D.
Very friendly, rich, warm wine without to much of tanine.
Reguengos de Monsaras
Soft and smooth.
Bairrada Reserva Doc
This wine goes well with meat and cheese. A beautiful,  round, rich and powerful wine.
Bairrada Garrafeira
Garrafeira are the best wines concerning region or the bests of the concerning producer.
Quinta da Bacalhao
Sofisticated wine of Cabernet-Sauvignon
Vinha do Monte
Delightful wine with an intens red colour.
Firm with a velvet aftertaste. Riped on oak.

Douro Especial
Elegant red wine with juice fruit from the Douro-valy.
Quinta de Pancas
Periquita Classico of Esporão
Elegant wine. Its taste is full, soft on the tongue and  stays long in the mouth. Periquita will only be produced in excellent wineyears and is bottled four years after it is harvested.
Torres vedras Reserva
Its taste is complex, fruity and with a long aftertaste.

White wine

A young, light and aromatic wine.
Borba V.Q.P.R.D.
Very friendly wine.
Bairrada Doc
Inbetween Porto and Coimbra lies the Bairrada district.
A beautiful Bairrada, outstanding!!

Arinto Bucelas Doc
Aromatic and fruity. Goes well with fish and shell dishes.
Sweet, fresh white wine. Goes well with fish and shell dishes.
Torres Vedras, C. Malvasia rei
Full with a taste of honey. Soft round and soft dry.

Green wine

Casal Garcia
Mild, slightly sparkling vinho verde.
Vinho Verde Doc
Fresh, young wine from Northern Portugal.
Nice as an aperitiv en with fish.

Quinta da Aveleda of Alvarinho
Intens fruity with a nice sparkle. Subtle taste that holds long.

Rosť wijnen

Casal Mendes Rosé
A beautiful wine.
Mateus Rosé
An elegant, fruity wine which fits with almoust every meal.


Chave d’Oiro Brut

Dessert wine

Moscatel de Setúbal